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About this site

iViewhouse.com, .com, showcases panorama (pano in short) videos of real estate in Singapore and anywhere in the world.

Internet Viewing of Houses = iViewhouse

We are now at our beta stage. Since we started this site on 27th July 2012 in Singapore, it will showcase more Singapore properties at the start and we hope to include more properties from other parts of the globe as the time goes by. Please note that some of the videos may not be available over time as the owner of the video may remove it online or restrict for private viewing only.

On top of pano videos owned by others, we will also be posting our own pano videos on real estate along the way. Those pano videos are available for sale. We will indicate those videos that are owned by us clearly at the post.

Our objective is to have a platform to show and view real estate pano videos (residential or any other properties, indoor or outdoor). To learn more about us and our goals, you can go to www.iviewhouse.net or About us.

NOTE: We do NOT restrict pano videos that are only created by us to be posted in iViewhouse.com. Just get connected with us if you (from anywhere in the world) have created nice and good pano videos on real estate. Yes, even if you are in competition with our services. The attitude is to make pano videos of real estate more popular and we can learn from each other. Everybody WIN.

This site is Not a property website. We do not charge a fee to list those videos here. We do not sell properties that are posted here and none of the agents in the videos represent us. All property agents represent their respective agencies and none of the agencies and agents are associated with us.